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Dorset Operation Snap

This service has been put in place to facilitate submissions of video and photographic evidence relating to driving incidents that members of the public have witnessed. Please complete the form below and upload your footage to us.

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Important Information

Please note, if you are unwilling to go to court it is unlikely that Dorset Police will be able to progress this matter any further.

Your details

Your address and contact details are recorded separately and this personal information is protected and will not be disclosed to the other person or their solicitor. Also, witnesses are not usually asked to give their address out loud in court. The defendant or his or her solicitor is normally told the name of any witnesses.


Upload your supporting files

DO NOT alter the footage before uploading, this includes adding voice overs or adding inline comments.

Footage uploaded MUST be raw original footage, with NO EDITING of any kind.

DO NOT post the footage on social media – if you have done so, please remove it. DO NOT delete the footage from your device.

AT LEAST two minutes of unedited footage, both before and after the reported incident MUST be included, so Police Prosecutor can assess the whole incident.

Please do not upload files names with insulting words, we will not be able to process them.

If you have any issues with completing this form, support can be contacted to assist. Please click here to contact support.

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